Employment Advertising Information

The Guild of Machine Knitters is a voluntary organisation run by machine knitters for machine knitters. Our aims are to create awareness of the craft and to promote and encourage others to take up the craft. Our members are individuals, and designers and suppliers catering for the domestic market i.e. the home knitter.

We are not a commercial organisation and we do not arrange production knitting. Most of our members machine knit because they love their craft. They do not knit for monetary gain but usually personal pleasure. They become members of the Guild of Machine Knitters because they wish to help to increase awareness of machine knitting as a craft, to encourage others and maintain a high standard of craftsmanship, amongst other things.

There are those who do enjoy knitting for others and any contact with them would be on a personal basis and not through the Guild. We accept no responsibility for the quality of work or any contacts made via the listings.

If you wish to place an advertisement yourself please view the advertising form and print out a copy. If you prefer not to have your contact details shown, we will assign you a unique reference, and any responses will, wherever possible, be e-mailed to you. Adverts will stay on the website for 6 months after which time they will be removed unless you request them to stay for longer. If you wish to renew the ad and you paid for it then you will need to send another fee at the current rate (see below for the rates).

The Guild accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the adverts. Please use the Contact Us link on the left to contact the Webmaster if you require any information regarding adverts or have any questions. Advertising Rates:
Members: private ads-free Commercial: 30p per word
Non-members: private ads: 20p per word Commercial: 40p per word